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Popnoname has produced an exclusive remix to preview the release of Russian producer OID’s ‘Bright Side of Life’ EP on PNN Records. Whilst the 12 inch (PNN12) already features remixes from The Field, Popnoname & JP Janzen and Mujuice, this unique Popnoname remix does not appear on the EP and is designed to give listeners a taster of things to come. ‘Bright Side of Life’ is an upbeat track whose individual sound allows each of these remixes to stand alone. Popnoname’s exclusive version gives the track a techno twist. It keeps the catchy loops intact and overlaps them with a punchier beat which, interspersed with ambient instrumentals, work together to transmit a sense of anticipation that prepares us for the upcoming EP.

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DIG 23/12/13


Cologne’s new label PNN shows up with artists like our Buddy Bozzwell, who sings the lyrics of Popnoname`s Flame of the Pilots a new. Pawas took Meteor on his board and Popnoname adds La Pacho from his current Live-Set. Volker Pannes leads you with Happens at Night to the highest level of ecstasy and Andrei Oid creates loops that wander into the distance and drives the beautiful harmonies of Flame of the Pilots toward freedom… but who shall bring us back to the ground? Matt Karmil, who will release his debut album in early 2014 on PNN, remixed the Bonus Track La Pacho, what was released a short time ago on a limited split 7 ” on EB.

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Jens-Uwe Beyer lives in Cologne, he founded the band ‘Cologne Tape’ the label ‘Magazine’ and you know him under his moniker ‘Popnoname’. Most recently he remixed the Eurythmics and Brian Eno & Cluster for the Conny Plank Tribute Compilation on Grönland. He is a frequent guest of Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series and just released probably the longest maxi in the world – the almost eighty minute (!) ambient piece “Red Book” on Magazine.

His third album 50° is an elegant, accommodating, direct hi-fi pop album which fears neither death nor pathos. It was produced in the ‘oneartist’ studio together with Bertil Mark. The journey takes us from Pop (Happens at Night and the first single Change) through ambient soundscapes (Timenation), to early 90s shoegaze moments (Meteor and Passing by) but at its core always remains the techno ideal, without promising club functionality.

For the release of 50° Beyer specially founded the new label PNN with Kompakt’s Gesine Schönrock. Accompanying the album, PNN publishes 4 music videos – an app for the i-pad and the fashion piece “Popnoshirt” you can find them at or Bodo, who features on the cover of the album, used to live from the bottle recycling system in Germany but is now running a trust based shop near the PNN offices.

Jens-Uwe Beyer performs as both a solo act and setting permitted, with Beritl Mark on drums and the enigmatic Isis Lacé on vocals.

Nach jedem Wechsel ist es möglich eine neue Bewegung zu erlernen.
Immer – es gibt eine neue Bewegung

Ju Beyer, Public Folder # 0

Popnoname`s Change is the perfect Pop Song to sing along to and soundtrack a change in you.
David Hasert creates Pop for the dancefloor, his remix is like a Dreamliner in the balearic sea, which goes ashore with the drums of Bertil Mark. David Hasert curates the NICE parties in Cologne and runs the Label LIKE.
When Matt Karmil`s Remix starts, you know this is a hit. Sensitive and cool he captures the essence of the track while leaving out all Pop Themes. The solitary beat splattered with white noise creates an eternal space to drift away to in the club.

Popnoname is back with one of his heartbreaking vocal tracks. Successfully produced with his friend Bertil Mark from Mars, the swedish Alexander Berg (Genius of Time /Swe), Jens Andersson (Tennishero /Swe) and Michael Heydebreck (Zeit 2), who comes from the same island Fehmarn (Ger) like Jens-Uwe Beyer. Together, they are responsible for the lyrics of Popnoname.

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