CMX 004

CMX 004: Popnoname - 7°


Out January 2014.

Cologne based musician and label owner Jens-Uwe Beyer aka Popnoname is part of the infamous allstar band Cologne Tape (next to Barnt, Crato, Jan Philipp Janzen, Ada, The Field, Jörg Burger and John Stanier) and has been working with Can-Drummer Jaki Liebezeit.
His mixtape 7° is a psychedelic 45minute instrumental space voyage through the spheres of krautrock, ambient and techno.
Cover design by Paul Trachtenberg, member of Hall&Rauch and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
Limited to 50 tapes.

To order please write to: info [at] campmagnetics [dot] com

€ 8,00 incl. shipping (Germany) (Buy now)
€ 10,00 incl. shipping (World) (Buy now)

Listen to some snippets:

Popnoname cassette mix 7° Double time speed by Ju Beyer on Mixcloud