Popnoname 50° Remixes

PNN04 cover


DIG 23/12/13


Cologne’s new label PNN shows up with artists like our Buddy Bozzwell, who sings the lyrics of Popnoname`s Flame of the Pilots a new. Pawas took Meteor on his board and Popnoname adds La Pacho from his current Live-Set. Volker Pannes leads you with Happens at Night to the highest level of ecstasy and Andrei Oid creates loops that wander into the distance and drives the beautiful harmonies of Flame of the Pilots toward freedom… but who shall bring us back to the ground? Matt Karmil, who will release his debut album in early 2014 on PNN, remixed the Bonus Track La Pacho, what was released a short time ago on a limited split 7 ” on EB.

PNN catapults you to the year 2014. Don’t sit in front of your devices – change your status to go out – dancing!