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POPNONAME aka JENS-UWE BEYER  is an electronic pop artist and one of the main proponents of the new Sound of Cologne, Germany. He releases on the labels Italic, Firm and Kompakt. His debut album WHITE ALBUM (ITALIC) was released in 2007, and got loads of positive reviews from the German and international press.

Currently being released is his new album SURROUNDED BY WEATHER along with two 12″ remix maxis and a bonus ep also on ITALIC.

He did a number of live performances, e.g.: New York (Bunker), Cambridge (Middlesex Lounge), Monterrey (Mexico, Aura Club), Guadalajara (Mexico, Bar Amerikas), Thessaloniki (Liebe), Paris (Le Pulp), Porto (Passos Manuell), Amsterdam (Paradiso), Copenhagen (Culture Box), Vienna (Icke Micke), Moscow (Solyanka, Propaganda, Shanti), Hamburg (Übel & Gefährlich), Berlin (Panorama Bar), Tokio (Seco) and London (The End).

Upcoming Australia-Tour with Pan/Tone & Jennifer Cardini in June!

He is working with a lot of musicians such as Jan Philipp Janzen (Von Spar), Michaela Dippel (Ada), Volker Pannes (DeePulse), Axel Willner (The Field), and Jörg Burger (The Modernist), as well as artists like John Harten (Public Folder), the fashion designer Daniela Görgens (Little Red Riding Hood), Christian Schäfer (C/O Pop), Juergen Stollhans (Dokumenta), and the theater director Christian v. Treskow (Wuppertal).Together with the artist duo Graw Böckler (Raum fuer Projektion) he is presenting the video series UNAUTHORIZED COMMERCIALS as a live performance. The short films are released weekly via internet on http://grawboeckler.de/.

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