Jens-Uwe Beyer “Hands”

Veröffentlicht am 10.09.2015
From “The Emissary” by Jens-Uwe Beyer
Music by Jens-Uwe Beyer
Video by Nikolas Mueller (
Solo album out on Kompakt Pop Ambient on September 11, 2015

Vinyl & CD available at Kompakt

PNN11 Popnoname Remix of OID`s “Bright Side Of Life”

PNN11_OID_Bright Side of Life

Popnoname has produced an exclusive remix to preview the release of Russian producer OID’s ‘Bright Side of Life’ EP on PNN Records. Whilst the 12 inch (PNN12) already features remixes from The Field, Popnoname & Phillip Janzen and Mujuice, this unique Popnoname remix does not appear on the EP and is designed to give listeners a taster of things to come. ‘Bright Side of Life’ is an upbeat track whose individual sound allows each of these remixes to stand alone. Popnoname’s exclusive version gives the track a techno twist. It keeps the catchy loops intact and overlaps them with a punchier beat which, interspersed with ambient instrumentals, work together to transmit a sense of anticipation that prepares us for the upcoming EP.

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Popnoname 50° Rerelease in Japan


名門コンパクトのポップ部門を代表する一人として知られるイエンス・ウ・バの新作。ギターの音色がソフト・ロッキンな“Flame Of The Pilots”をはじめとするお得意の爽快な歌モノ系テクノ・ポップはもちろん、森の環境音を叙情的な電子音と女声コーラスで包み込んだ極上チルな表題曲などの美麗アンビエントも交え、その聴き心地は脳内を微風が柔らかに吹き抜けるかのよう。彼の音楽性の醍醐味を堪能できる傑作!

with Japan Bonus Track “Holiday Mars”
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Pop Ambient 2015 with Jens-Uwe Beyer

Since its inception in 2001, the Pop Ambient compilation series has played host to an incessantly growing pool of highly distinctive artists, yet somehow managed to stay focussed on its overarching aesthetic ideas. Due in no small part to the series’ curator Wolfgang Voigt, each installment was able to create a conclusive narrative, succesfully deploying new talent alongside household names. “Pop Ambient 2015” will be no different, introducing debutant soundsmiths Thore Pfeiffer and Max Würden alongside Kompakt staples such as Leandro Fresco, Ulf Lohmann, Jens-Uwe Beyer, Dirk Leyers and Gregor Schwellenbach. From dreamy, jingling synth pads to guitar-infused zone-outs and rusty, dystopian textures, you’ll find a lot to love about the next Pop Ambient, expected to hit shelves on November 10th.
01. Thore Pfeiffer – Wie Es Euch GefäLlt
02. Thore Pfeiffer – Nero
03. Dirk Leyers – Daydreamer
04. Gregor Schwellenbach – Assperg
05. Leandro Fresco – Nada Es Para Siempre
06. Max Wuerden – Container Love
07. Ulf Lohmann – Refresh
08. Bvdub – In White Pagodas I’ll Wait Foryou
09. Jens-Uwe Beyer – Moewen
10. Gustavo Lamas – Jovenes Ambient (Remake)
11. Jens-Uwe Beyer – Koeln 3 (Japan Only)
Label: Kompakt

Popnoname & Jens-Uwe Beyer on Moon Rock 2

Throne of Blood will release Moon Rock Volume 2 on November 10th, 2014.

Label proprietor James Friedman pulls beatless contributions from far-flung producers for the Moon Rock series. The first chapter came earlier this year as a deluxe, double-LP vinyl set. The second compilation features DJ Spun’s Loose Control Band, an encore appearance for Pittsburgh Track Authority, a collaboration between Venetian artist Gigi Masin and Tempelhof, two pieces from Pop Ambient veteran Jens-Uwe Beyer and many more.

The press release says Volume 2 is “more sonically diverse than Vol. 1, presenting an expansive view of chakra-stimulating space music straddling techno, strange acoustic instrumentation and Balearic flavors.”

01. Tempelhof Gigi Masin – Sessionone
02. Loose Control Band – Theme In Eb
03. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Beringia
04. Balearic Gabba Soundsystem – Groove Me
05. Arthur Oskan – Cityspeak
06. Red Axes – Welson Nelson
07. Pixelife – Platonic Ideal Of A Snowstorm
08. Ulysses – All In
09. Popnoname – Sfumato
10. Margot – Pad 120
11. AKA JK 24 16 8 – (For Kerry)
12. Cosmo Vitelli – Irritable
13. Jens-Uwe Beyer – Wahn

Throne Of Blood will release Moon Rock Volume 2 on November 10th, 2014.
Label: Throne Of Blood

Popnoname on Permanent Vacation 3

Volume 3 of the compilation series, compiled by Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly.


Seven years after the release of the last Permanent Vacation compilation, the label dared to compile number three. They collected tracks that became good friends along the road and echoed in their hearts and ears for a long time. So it felt about right to put them on two sweaty compact discs. Twenty-four tracks that reach from the desert to the jungle and which put a spell on the label from the first time they heard them. Artists include: Commix, Instra:Mental, Pascal Schäfer, The Golden Filter, John Talabot, Chateau Marmont, Beautiful Swimmers, Panther Modern, DrumTalk, Heatsick, Young Marco, RA-X, Invisible Conga People, Popnoname, The Field, Kettel, Sergej Auto, Woolfy, Project Sandro, Arsenal, Joakim, Scott Fraser, Timothy J Fairplay, Brandi Ifgray, Secret Circuit, Daniel Wang, Enchante, Bot’Ox Meets Showgirls, JR Season, A Sagittariun, Rompante, Recondite, and Charles Webster.

Disc 1
01Commix Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix) 05 :40
02Pascal Schäfer Mystere 07 :58
03The Golden Filter Kill Me (John Talabot Killed in Room 616 Refix) 07 :32
04Chateau Marmont Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix) 04 :45
05Panther Modern Pentimento 07 :14
06DrumTalk Time 05 :08
07Heatsick Dream Tennis (Young Marco Remix) 07 :17
08RA-X THE OPIUM DEN Part VII 07 :52
09Invisible Conga People Cable Dazed 06 :13
10Popnoname Touch (The Field Remix) 06 :42
11Kettel Boekebaas 04 :31
12Sergej Auto Abyis 07 :01
Disc 2
01Woolfy Warehouse (Project Sandro Mix) 07 :01
02Arsenal One Day at a Time (Joakim Dub Mix) 07 :51
03Scott Fraser A Life of Silence (Timothy J Fairplay’s Fall of Shame Remix/5min Ver) 04 :58
04Brandi Ifgray Mono (Ibiza Mix) 05 :48
05Secret Circuit White Wish 03 :44
06Daniel Wang Two Tracks We Made In 1999 for a Gay Leather Video 05 :53
07Enchante Pattern 3 (Gunman) 04 :45
08Bot’Ox Meets Showgirls Grand Central 06 :52
09JR Seaton Vertigo 08 :37
10A Sagittariun The Circle Stops Somewhere 07 :02
11Rompante Treat (Charles Webster Remix) 07 :52
12Recondite Tie In 09 :40