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Popnoname is the artist name of Jens-Uwe Beyer (born 1978 in Fehmarn). He lives in Cologne.
Apart from his regular releases on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, he has had a number of 12″ releases on Cologne-based labels, including Firm and Italic. His debut album White Album (Italic) was released in 2007, and got loads of positive reviews from the German and international press. The last album was Surrounded by Weather (Italic) along with two 12″ Remix Maxis and a Bonus Ep. He recently remixed Eurythmics and Brian Eno & Cluster for the German Recordlabel Grönland.
His current Album 50° he released on his own imprint PNN.


Jens-Uwe Beyer can already look back on a number of live performances, e.g.: Monterrey (Mexico, Aura Club), Thessaloniki (Liebe.!), Porto (Passos Manuell), Amsterdam (Paradiso), Vienna (Icke Micke), Moscow (Solyanka, Propaganda), Hamburg (Übel & Gefährlich), Berlin (Panorama Bar), New York (Bunker), Cambridge (Middlesex Lounge), Tokio (Seco) and London (The End).


He is member of Cologne Tape (Barnt, Crato, Jan Philipp Janzen (Von Spar), Michaela Dippel (Ada), Axel Willner (The Field), Jörg Burger (The Modernist) and John Stanier (Battles) and Co-Founder of the Label Magazine.


Piece (12″) Firm 2005
You Are Popnoname (12″) Italic 2006
I Want You For Popnoname (12″) Firm 2006
Credits (12″) Italic 2006
London Paris New York (12″) Italic 2007
White Album (CD,2xLP, Album) Italic 2007
Surrounded by Weather (CD,LP, ALBUM) Italic 2008
Surrounded by Weather REMIX 1 (12″) Italic 2008
Surrounded by Weather Bonus Ep (12″) Italic 2008
Spaces (12″) Pop! 2009
Hello Gorgeous (12″) Kompakt 2010
Change (12″) PNN 2013
50° (CD, ALBUM) PNN 11.11.2013
Popnoname appears on:
Pop Ambient 2005 (CD,LP) Gold Kompakt 2004
Pop Ambient 2006 (CD,LP) Wandel Kompakt 2005
Pop Ambient 2007 (CD,LP) Hafen Kompakt 2006
Pop Ambient 2008 (CD,LP) Fembria Kompakt 2007
Pop Ambient 2009 (CD,LP) Nightliner Kompakt 2009
Pop Ambient 2010 (CD,LP) Deutz Air Kompakt 2010
Conny Plank Tribute (CD,LP) 2013

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