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Jens Uwe Beyer is the founding member of all-star band ‘Cologne Tape’ and runs record label Magazine with bandmates Barnt and Crato. He has released several tracks on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series and has worked in collaboration with Jaki Liebezeit as well as producing remixes for several labels, the latest being a Eurythmics and Brian Eno & Cluster track for German label Grönland.

Popnoname is Beyer’s alter-ego, one which, according to him: ‘Reflects my attitude towards life.’! He so far has three albums, the most recent ’50 °’ (2013) was released on his own label PNN. Popnoname’s creative dexterity has brought him world-wide recognition and he has performed live shows across the globe. His songs regularly feature in the sets of celebrated DJ’s such as Sven Väth and Michael Mayer.

Popnoname’s creative drive is best summed up by a line in his track ‘Touch: My beauty is my liberty’, a conviction that illustrates his unrelenting evolution as an artist.


Jens-Uwe Beyer can already look back on a number of live performances, e.g.: Mexico, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Georgia, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, France, Columbia, UK ….


Piece (12″) Firm 2005
You Are Popnoname (12″) Italic 2006
I Want You For Popnoname (12″) Firm 2006
Credits (12″) Italic 2006
London Paris New York (12″) Italic 2007
White Album (CD,2xLP, Album) Italic 2007
Surrounded by Weather (CD,LP, ALBUM) Italic 2008
Surrounded by Weather REMIX 1 (12″) Italic 2008
Surrounded by Weather Bonus Ep (12″) Italic 2008
Spaces (12″) Pop! 2009
Hello Gorgeous (12″) Kompakt 2010
Change (12″) PNN 2013
50° (CD, ALBUM) PNN 2013
50° Remixes (DIG) PNN 2014

Remixes for
Eurythmics, Brian Eno & Cluster, Von Spar, Station 17, Jonas Bering, Bozzwell, Abyss, Pompeya…

Popnoname appears on:
Pop Ambient 2005-2015 Kompakt (10xCD/LP)
John Digweed Transitions 4 (CD)
Conny Plank Tribute (CD/LP) Grönland 2013
Michael Mayer Immer 3 (CD) Kompakt 2013
Sven Väth Coming Home (CD) 2014
Permanent Vacation 3 (CD) 2014

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