Pop Ambient 2015 with Jens-Uwe Beyer

Since its inception in 2001, the Pop Ambient compilation series has played host to an incessantly growing pool of highly distinctive artists, yet somehow managed to stay focussed on its overarching aesthetic ideas. Due in no small part to the series’ curator Wolfgang Voigt, each installment was able to create a conclusive narrative, succesfully deploying new talent alongside household names. “Pop Ambient 2015” will be no different, introducing debutant soundsmiths Thore Pfeiffer and Max Würden alongside Kompakt staples such as Leandro Fresco, Ulf Lohmann, Jens-Uwe Beyer, Dirk Leyers and Gregor Schwellenbach. From dreamy, jingling synth pads to guitar-infused zone-outs and rusty, dystopian textures, you’ll find a lot to love about the next Pop Ambient, expected to hit shelves on November 10th.
01. Thore Pfeiffer – Wie Es Euch GefäLlt
02. Thore Pfeiffer – Nero
03. Dirk Leyers – Daydreamer
04. Gregor Schwellenbach – Assperg
05. Leandro Fresco – Nada Es Para Siempre
06. Max Wuerden – Container Love
07. Ulf Lohmann – Refresh
08. Bvdub – In White Pagodas I’ll Wait Foryou
09. Jens-Uwe Beyer – Moewen
10. Gustavo Lamas – Jovenes Ambient (Remake)
11. Jens-Uwe Beyer – Koeln 3 (Japan Only)
Label: Kompakt